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Choosing the right window should not be a complicated process.  Our range of window systems should cover all your specification and design criteria.  After choosing the window system that fits your requirements, we then work closely with you designing the window to your specific needs, making sure when the window is installed, it fits and functions as precisely planned!

All of our window systems are available as tilt & turn, parallel opening, hopper, picture/fixed, and simulated double-hung windows.  Click on one of the products below and convince yourself of H.O. Schlueter!


Our standard window system fulfills all the requirements of a modern window and combines excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. Multiple colors and texture options are available as standard.


This aluminum add-on system is the perfect solution for people who want high-tech look windows. The aluminum-facing shells are press-fitted to the uPVC profiles with a clip mechanism.


Similar to the AluClip system, the AluClip Pro window system has been designed with an aluminum profile bonded to the uPVC profile. It combines the advantages of both materials in one structural element.


This system comes in three variants; a completely flush-mounted look and virtually flush glazing plane, a second with a classical wood-aluminum look, and the third variant with all glass look where the window sash and pane are virtually flush-mounted.


An innovative window that includes an integrated shutter and sunshade system. Furthermore, an additional glass pane serves to enhance the thermal and sound insulation values.


PHI and PHIUS certified this super-efficient window can have a U-value as low as 0.12 Btu/hr-sq ft-°F.  The reinforcing chambers in the sash and frame are filled with proEnergyTec foam.


Our automated windows can be individually controlled for each room depending on the needs of the user. A CO2 and humidity meter, for example, regulates the opening or closing of the windows.

Premidoor 76 - Standard - Signal Grey.jpg

A precision-engineered, lift and slide door solution that has been designed in Germany to bring in the maximum amount of light in all modern living environments, across all climatic conditions. 

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