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The H.O. Schlüter window automation is much more than just a technical gimmick or pure convenience. Automated windows improve the energy balance and the sound insulation of buildings in the long term. They also make a significant contribution to a healthy indoor climate.


Our automated windows can be individually controlled for each room depending on the needs of the user. A CO2 and humidity meter, for example, regulates the opening or closing of the windows. Night cooling of the building in summer is also guaranteed - while at the same time being burglar-proof. Even the incidence of too much light and brightness are incorporated into the automation: the Eclipse systems' sun protection is activated or deactivated at a certain level of sunlight.


These automation costs are relatively low, especially in contrast to conventional systems. Contact us for further details or to see an online demonstration.

automatic windows. Smart window.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost savings through improved energy balance.

  • Improved sound insulation.

  • Automatic control of opening or closing, sunlight, and brightness levels

  • Automatic thermal protection if the temperature drops.

  • Individual settings possible at any time.

  • Flexible window operation via radio remote control or touch control.


Power Supply 

Duty Cycle


Rotation Angle


Protection Class

Emission Sound Pressure Level

Temperature Range

Transmission Power

Transmission Range

Housing Material




24 V DC / ± 15% / 1 A

30% (ON: 3 min. / OFF: 7 min.)

10 Nm

90° / 180°

>40,000 cycles


LpA ≤ 70 dB (A)

-5 ° C ... +60 ° C

Approx. 1 mW (e.r.p)

50 meters

ABS-PC / zinc die-cast / Pained

Screw terminal connector

W x H x D - 48 x 205 x 45 mm

0.75 kg

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