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H.O. Schlüter Hardware Options

H.O. Schlüter window systems are fitted with the latest technology to provide the best user experience possible. We develop and procure our hardware from only the most reputable and leading manufacturers in Germany.

Opening Mechanisms

Windows fitted with Tilt-turn mechanisms offer greater security, ventilation, and protection against wind/rain penetration compared to other window opening styles. These windows can also be designed with built-in fall-out protection, opening only into the tilt position, making them fantastic for homes with young children, school classrooms, or commercial buildings where safety is paramount.

A growing concept in the European market is the parallel opening window, where the whole window sash moves 1/4" outwards from the frame, providing the same benefits as tilt-turn but even better ventilation and security. 

Although we love tilt-turn and parallel opening windows, we also supply a wide range of hopper, awning, picture, and casement windows. Contact us for more details.

Window system hardware.jpg

Window Handles

Window handles can do much more than open and close windows. Lockable TBT (Tilt Before Turn) window handles are increasingly being used in public buildings and places such as schools, kindergartens, clinics, or retirement homes to prevent unauthorized opening from inside.


The TBT technology enables the handle to be locked in the tilted position (90°) with a key. The further moving of the handle to the opening position (180°) is then only possible once it has been unlocked again.

We also offer a range of press button handles for families with young children that still require safety but emergency egress without using a key. Contact us to see our full range of handle innovations which include anti-burglary and anti-bacterial.

Hoppe New York - Push button - Steel Alu
Hoppe Toulon - Push button - Silver Alum
Hoppe Liege- Push button - Dark Brown Al

Insect Screens

To be reliably protected from crawling animals and pollen in your own four walls, professional and effective insect protection is essential. Summer can come with our tailor-made solutions which are available for every window type and size. 

Our clip-on or swivel Insect screens are made from special fine-meshed fabrics, which block insects but still allow a lot of light and air to pass through. Unlike simple self-adhesive fly screens, ours are made with a high-quality aluminum frame in combination with durable, weather-resistant, tear-resistant fabrics.

Insect Screen.jpg

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